Forget about expensive printing and tedious menu updates. Leave your menu management to us and enjoy effortless menu changes and real-time price updates starting TODAY!


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  1. Opening menu by scanning QR code with any mobile device
  2. Choosing menu language​
  3. Viewing categories, selecting items and placing them in cart​
  4. Sending orders​ including special instructions
  5. Sending messages to staff with additional requests
  6. Requesting waiter assistance​
  7. Requesting receipt with pre-selected form of payment​
  8. Sending orders for room-service from hotel room or any other location with QR code on room key-card
  9. Sending orders from any location for delivery or pick-up
  10. Direct link for posting reviews on TripAdvisor



  1. Receiving orders including special instructions without physically going to customers’ table​
  2. Receiving orders from foreign speaking customers in local language​
  3. Eliminating order errors caused by human factor  ​
  4. Receiving messages with additional requests
  5. Receiving requests for waiter assistance​
  6. Receiving requests for receipt with pre-selected form of payment​
  7. Providing detailed description of categories and items with photos​
  8. Changing categories, items and prices in real time​
  9. Hiding temporarily unavailable categories and items in real time​
  10. Tracking which items were viewed most often by customers​
  11. Promoting special offers or discounts in real time​
  12. Conducting customer surveys​
  13. Printing sections or entire menu from digital into PDF or Word format, if hard copy is needed​
  14. Collecting opt-in contact info from customers to inform them about special offers or discounts​
  15. Receiving orders for room-service from hotel rooms or any other location with QR code on guest’s room key-card
  16. Receiving orders from any location for delivery or customer pick-up
  17. Receiving immediate reviews on tripAdvisor

NOTE: Functionalities can be disabled or enabled, as needed

How KONO.BAR works

  1. Scan

    Customer scans QR code with mobile device to open digital menu

  2. Select

    Customer selects items, adds them to cart and can also include written instructions

  3. Order

    Customer sends order which contains encoded table, room or location number

  4. Enjoy

    Staff receives order in real time on tablet or laptop, prepares it right away and brings it to customer

  5. Request Receipt

    Customer selects method of payment (cash or card) and sends request for receipt

    Note: KONO.BAR service will not interfere with existing POS system

  • Independence

    Customers create their own order, track cost while eliminating order errors

  • Convenience

    Fun, fast, user-friendly self-ordering, requesting receipt or calling waiter

  • Speed

    Staff receives order in real time, prepares it and serves customer much faster

  • Description

    Space for detailed description and photo of each item and customer’s instructions

  • Flexibility

    Simple, real-time uploads and changes of menu items. Temporarily unavailable items or categories can be hidden with one click

  • Multilingualism

    Menu can be displayed in various languages, while orders are received in staff’s native language

KONO.BAR is a turnkey operation


You will receive:

  • Use of our software
  • Print-ready QR codes
  • PDF manuals
  • Unlimited customer support

We can translate your menu into any desired language and upload it to our servers, as well as provide leaflets with your logo and additional NFC chip along with standard QR code.

KONO.BAR service is available in 5 countries.
In Serbia it can be found in 827 locations.

Some of our clients

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  • Chez Nik
  • Plato

KONO.BAR Service is NOT an application.
It’s available on all mobile devices without software installation or registration.

Provide your customers with ultimate service
based on latest technology!

KONO.BAR is digital service for fast, effortless, accurate communication
between customers and staff of any restaurant, bar, café, hotel, club, beach bar, etc...

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