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Cookies policy together with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the company d.o.o. Belgrade (hereinafter: the Company) is a User Agreement.

Cookies are text files with data stored on users’ devices. Cookies enable the website and the website (hereinafter individually: the Site, and together: the Sites) and the service (hereinafter: the Service) to recognize the user’s device.

Cookies are used to collect data on the use of our Sites and Services, and do not serve the purpose of collecting data to identify users of the Sites and Services, but to improve the content and improve the user experience.

Depending on who sets the cookies, they are divided into first-party cookies and third-party cookies. Cookies set by the company d.o.o. are first-party cookies. Cookies set by one of the third-party services that the Sites and Services use to function normally are called third-party cookies.

The Sites and the Service use only first-party cookies and third-party cookies necessary to operate the Sites and Services, improve security, and prevent fraud.

The types of cookies used on the Sites and Services are:

Session cookies that are automatically deleted within 24 hours;
Functional cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the site and services;
Personalization cookies that remember personal preferences (for example, a pre-selected language, which is used to improve the service offered by the Service);
Security cookies necessary to protect against attacks and prevent fraud.
On pages used by registered users, personal data may be stored in cookies if the user agrees to this in advance (for example, storing data to access a company account).

If the user wants to disable the use of cookies, he can do so via the appropriate menu within the Internet browser. Browsers are mostly configured to accept cookies, and if a user wants to reject or delete cookies and similar technology, they can do so by accessing the help and support section within the browser they are using, with instructions. how to block or delete cookies and similar technologies.

The cookie policy may be changed, modified and updated at certain times.

If there are changes, alterations or updates to the Cookies Policy, the user will be notified via the Website, the Service and via e-mail registered by the user.

The cookie policy was updated on April 10, 2020. and comes into force starting from the day of publication.

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