Kono.bar for Companies

Tools and features available to companies using Kono.bar Service:
  • branded digital menu and POS table stands with leaflets
  • displaying featured items
  • cross-sell/upsell of companies’ products
  • displaying combo-deals
  • landing page presenting the company and it’s brands
  • conducting market research through customer surveys and generating reports about various activities and trends

In Serbia and Montenegro Kono.bar d.o.o. is conducting business with the following companies:

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  • Heineken_logo.svg
  • 64-647409_carlsberg-beer-logo-transparent-hd-png-download
Find more information in the section below:
      What are the advantages of branded POS table stands with leaflets?

      Branded table stands with QR codes are used by customers to access digital menu. Therefore stands must be visible at all times and can not be combined with other printed matter. If there is no activity in a certain location, the company gets notified that stands with QR codes were removed or that the establishment ceased operations

      How do companies benefit from branded digital menus?

      Branded digital menus provides the following advantages to the companies:

      -visual presence in form of digital banners 

      -landing page which contains important company info, description of ongoing campaigns, as well as their entire product line.

      -visual presentation of the company’s products sorted by category, relative to other items in the menu.

      Is advertising content in digital menus changeable?

      Advertising content can be changed as desired in all establishments using Kono.bar service free of charge, and displaying said content can also be segmented by hour, day, location or type of the establishment.

      How can visibility of certain items in digital menus be increased?

      Statistics from 500.000 views of Digital Menu in 400 different restaurants show that adding a particular drink as recommendation next to each meal increased the visibility of those drinks by 1000%.

      Can special offers and combo-deals with company’s products be presented in digital menus?

      Special offers and combo-deals can be created as separate items and displayed in a special category which visually stands out. Total savings on such items are displayed next to the price of the special offer.

      How do surveys within Kono.bar digital menu work?

      It’s simple to set up and conduct market research utilizing Kono.bar digital menu. Large number of establishments are using this service, therefore it is possible to survey a lot of customers. Upon opening digital menu, customers are asked a question and are given multiple choice answers. Surveys are voluntary and no personal data is collected. 

      Surveys are prepared in minutes and are posted momentarily. It is possible to set up the survey to collect data only in particular cities or business establishments.

      What kind of statistical data or reports can Kono.bar service provide?

      Kono.bar service can generate various types of standard reports as well as custom reports specifically requested by partner companies.

      Reports can provide statistics about particular categories or items in the menu viewed most by customers, as well as availability of certain items, pricing, trends and other data obtained through mass-use of service. It is also possible to gain insight into the length of time customers spend viewing certain categories of food or drinks. All data can be filtered by specific parameters, like location, type of establishment, type of menu, etc. 

      Kono.bar service combined with Google Analytics gathers various customers’ data, like demographics, language, affinities, etc.

      All reports generated by Kono.bar service are in accordance with European GDPR standards.

      „Great companies are built by people who never stop thinking about ways to improve the business.“

      John Willard Marriott

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